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Dandelion Support Network

Dandelion Support NetworkWe are so excited to announce that Little Styles is partnering with the Dandelion Support Network to become a Southern Sydney drop off point for pre-loved children’s clothing.

The Dandelion Support Network is a charity run by volunteers who accept sort, and safety check nursery items, clothes, toys and linen for babies and kids. Once prepared, the donations are then passed on to families in need through referrals from social workers at hospitals and welfare agencies, free of charge.

Dandelion’s vision is that all babies and children have access to nursery items essential for their safety, well-being and development and they achieve this while reducing the environmental footprint of the community. As they do not receive any government funding, they rely on volunteers and the generosity of the community for donations to allow them to continue their work.

Donors (as well as Volunteers and Sponsors) are the lifeblood of Dandelion Support Network, so your contribution can make a huge difference to their capacity to help others and an enormous impact in the lives of those needing a hand.

How can you get involved?

Local Little Styles customers will be able to drop off pre-loved clothing at our Pop Up Store between 9:30 – 3:30pm Monday to Saturday.

While online customers can request a pre-paid bag to be sent out to them (check the donation bag option at checkout), so you can post your pre-loved clothing to us.

We then pass on all donations onto the Dandelion Support Network team.

Find out more about the Dandelion Support Network

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