Our biggest and best sale is on now - you don’t want to miss this!

Posted on December 26 2018

Our biggest and best sale is on now - you don’t want to miss this!


Here at Little Styles, Boxing Day signals the end of our ‘summer season’. So while we’ve still got two whole months of summer left, I am already planning for Winter 2019 and the Summer 19/20 beyond that. So Boxing Day for us is quite cathartic - and it’s also when we launch one of our biggest and best sales of the year - our Boxing Day Sale!

This year we have gone crazy with 40% off all out current season stock, and up to 70% off past seasons. Which means for our lovely customers, now is the time to snatch up your fave brands at ridiculous prices.

There are a couple of great ways to shop our sale -

Shop By Brand

Head to our Brands tab in the menu and you’ll find the full list of all the brands we stock at Little Styles. Search by your favourite brands and save 40% off Minti or save 40% off Bebe. You can also pick up some awesome previous season pieces at up to 70% off. So if you love a brand and you know the fit and quality is always spot on, now is the time to think ahead. Speaking of…

Shop By Season

Think ahead for next Summer, and size up on the sale pieces. If your little man is a size 3 now, start looking for size 5’s for next summer season. Or browse the back of the brands to find some Winter 2018 pieces that you can pick up for Winter 2019.

Shop By Occasion

Another great way to shop the sales is by a list. Start by writing a list of all the events you have coming up in the next year - kids birthdays, cousins birthdays, easter, even next Christmas - then shop from your list. An awesome way to plan ahead while taking full advantage of the sales.

So whatever you are doing this boxing day, I hope its festive, or fun, or just plain relaxing.

Love Prudence, Poppy, Clementine and the Little Styles team xx



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