Girls Clothing & Fashion for your Little Styler

Posted on October 23 2017

Girls Clothing & Fashion for your Little Styler

Girls, girls, girls - as a mum, I love absolutely fashion (mainly for myself), but also for my girls. I love that so much can be expressed through colours and materials and shapes and sizes.

Some mum’s I know have girls who have strong opinions on fashion already. These are the little girls who loudly proclaim “I will only wear dresses”, “I will only wear pink/rainbow/anything iridescent” or “I won’t wear clothes any chance I get”, while other mums have the kids who will wear anything, anytime (if that is you, please come to my house and teach me your magic!).

For me, I feel like there was a time where the balance of power shifted, so from newborn up to 2 years mum was in charge, but from 2 years onwards (and sometimes even earlier) that’s where the switch is! Suddenly morning dressing become a power struggle of “no”, “how about this?” “no”, “ok, then this?”, still “No!”. All of which can make it challenging to build a toddler’s wardrobe that isn’t 100% full of party dresses, tutus and fairy wings. And I know there is nothing worse than brand new clothes sitting in your cupboard because your darling girl simply refuses to wear them.

The great thing about girls fashion these days, and the ability to buy girls clothing online, means you have lots of options for even the fussiest of little girls. So we’ve put together a couple of suggestions below to help find the happy mum medium crossed with the budding fashionista:

Girls Dresses & Skirts

Only into dresses and skirts? Ok we can work with this. Rather than fight it, why not mix up your style, think Huxbaby Shell Tulle Skirt or the Milky Ballerina Dress, while working in some denim and chambray staples from Bebe (like this adorable Bebe Alexa Dress Lace Cut Out Dress in Chambray Blue). Or if you are after practical but playful dresses that are super comfy (while also being super stylish) there are some super cool designs from the new season Minti Dresses and Munster Dresses. Or if cute and quirky prints are more your style, we have some bold designs from Milk & Masuki and Littlehorn (this one is a personal favourite Littlehorn Pom Pom Dress Summer in White).

Playsuits and Rompers

Playsuits and Rompers are also a great alternative to dresses and skirts - and what’s more they are perfect for your cartwheeling little one who won’t sit still, but still wants to look like a princess. Peggy playsuits are light and airy, while Coco and Ginger prints are bright and bold ticking a couple of boxes at least for your little styler. While beautiful rompers from Bebe and Fox & Finch with dress overlays and button up bodysuits mean the part time crawler, shuffler or baby girl who isn’t walking can wear a dress without it ending up under her arms.

Shop by theme

And finally another great option is to shop by a theme they love. Do you have a little girl who loves unicorns, but will only wear pink? Could you persuade her to wear Milk & Masuki Girls Unicorn Tee in Grey? Or Minti Unicorn Swimmers in Dark Blue? Or a Missie Munster Unicorn Jersey Singlet in Black? Insert the cooing mum voice here - “Ohhh look, this one’s got a unicorn on it!!

And if all else fails and if you are local - you can always bring your lovely little lady into our pop-up store at Miranda, and we can thrash out an agreed wardrobe together.

Happy (sad or mixed emotion) girls fashion shopping ladies!

Love Prudence, Poppy, Clementine and the Little Styles team xx



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