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Back to School, Starting School - oh crap, is it that time already?!

Posted on January 15 2018

Have you started to think about school yet? I feel like Christmas and New Year has only been over for a week and already we have something new to focus on. For some it’s starting or returning to ‘big school’ while for others (like me) it’s preparing for our first year at preschool.

Whatever your situation, it is sure to involve - lunch boxes, lunch bags, drink bottles, backpacks and hats! Just as I’ve thrown away my Christmas list, it has been quickly replaced with a new list of all I need to prepare to send my first born off into the big wide world without me.

*sobs quietly at the keyboard*...

If you haven’t started yet or would prefer to live in denial that your little one will spend time without you, here is what my list is looking like - it may help you get what you need sorted:

Lunch Boxes

Some preschools provide all meals so lunch boxes or bags won’t even need to be on your radar. But others, just like big school, require a hearty healthy lunch box packed with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea - which is where a kids bento box can be a lifesaver! Rather than 323 separate small containers, these bento boxes have small compartments to fit sandwiches, fruit and snacks for all mealtimes. We stock the My Family Bento Lunchboxes (in lots of super cute designs - Fairy, Penguin, Monkey, Shark, Unicorn and Fox). They have air tight silicon seals which prevents spillage between compartments and makes them 100% leakproof.  Their inner tray has 4 sections (mirroring the silicon seals) perfect for a sandwich, dip/yoghurt, fruit and dry snack, and the inner tray is also dishwasher (top shelf) safe for an easy clean.

Lunch Bags

Ok so a banana might not fit in your bento lunchbox, but this is where our next best friend comes in - the insulated lunch bag. The perfect home for the bento box, as well as an extra piece of fruit or a squeezy yoghurt. We stock the My Family Fridge to Go Lunch Bags which combine the best of both worlds - fun prints (to match your bento box) as well as Fridge to Go’s patented 8 hour cold technology which cools warm items to safe temperatures and keeps cool items fresh for 8 hours. So no more soggy sandwiches or off yoghurts.

Backpacks & Bags

So you’ve got the food, the lunch box, the lunch bag, the hat, the drink bottle - now for something to fit it all in - the back pack. If your child will only eat from a unicorn lunch box, in a unicorn lunch bag, then I am going to assume you’ll need the unicorn backpack. My Family have thought of it all, with their matchy matchy My Family Backpack range - coming in goldilocks size (not too big, not too small) - they’ll fit the rest of your school goodies and in a design your little one will easily recognise and love.

So if your little one will soon be heading out to explore the world sans mum and her Mary Poppins bag, at least you know they will have everything they need at their little hands.

Good Luck Mums!

Love Prudence, Poppy, Clementine and the Little Styles team xx


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