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A WELL Overdue Introduction

Posted on July 18 2017

Ok, ok – so better late than never! I thought it was about time I officially introduce myself. I have lots of beautiful friends and family who support my business, but I also know I have lots of amazing customers who may not know much about me at all. And the last 2+ years have been an absolute whirlwind and I feel like I haven’t stopped to take it all in, so let me backtrack a little bit.

I’m Prudence and I am the owner of Little Styles. I took over the business 2+ years ago and from the first day I haven’t stopped. I love this business and all the wonderful people (brands and customers) that it has introduced me to. I love seeing all your photos and shares of your little stylers wearing the clothes and brands that we stock (so keep tagging us when you social post).

Despite being an online store I want Little Styles customers to be able to feel like they have walked into a store been greeted and thanked at the end, and to be able to feel you can bring anything back that you don't like. Last year we were able to set up a pop up store at Miranda (it’s in the Tynan’s building), which has been great, as it has given me the opportunity to meet and help our customers directly.

I myself have two beautiful daughters, Poppy (2 year old), and Clementine (1 month old). You would have seen them on our Instagram and Facebook feeds – either they are born performers or I am a born stage mother, it's one of the two. But really it’s my daughters that are the whole reason I came to be where I am. After Poppy was born I wasn’t ready to return to the corporate world, I wanted a work opportunity where I could spend as much time with her as possible. I came across the Little Styles opportunity and I didn't even blink and had purchased the business within three days. I said to myself “I just need to wing this and pretend I know what I am doing. I love children (I hope to one day have four) and I love fashion so I put both of them together – this will be fine!” BUT boy was I wrong. Initially it was like I had had another baby (or seven) and I felt like a bus hit me. It took me about 6-9 months to find the right people to surround my business and to help me, and now I am really excited about the future of Little Styles and what we can bring to our customers.

I come from a wonderful, big and supportive family of three brothers and I have an amazingly encouraging Mum and Dad. My Granddad was one of my biggest inspirations; to see him come from nothing and build a large and successful business meant I had always wanted to establish my own business to be independent. I am also extremely lucky that I have a really really really supportive husband!

I also have some really exciting plans for Little Styles in the works, which I can’t wait to share with you. And I am really keen to hear any feedback you have about Little Styles, our brands, our products or our website – so please get in touch if you do.

Finally I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your business and your support – it literally does mean the world. 

Love Prudence, Poppy, Clementine and the Little Styles team xx



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